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ImageAthenscars-Crete has many branch stations all over Greek islands.Car hire is neccessary in order to explore the beauties of hundreds Geek islands.

The Ionian Islands are located in the west part of Greece,west of Peloponnese.The islands of the west coast are known as the Eptanisa-the seven isles.However ,the seventh island,Kythira,lies off the southern tip of the Peloponnese and,although it is linked by hitory,culture and architecture,it remains quite isolated from the other six islands.It is the heavy rainfall that makes the Ionians among the greenest of Greek island chains.Olive groves and vineyards are reminders that agriculture,rather than the dubious riches of tourism,still claim a part in the economy.The Ionians ' links with the mainland are very good and several coaches daily at the height of the season make the journey from Athens to Corfu.Car hire in Ionian islands make the advantage to visit the most green forest and beaches of Greece.

Few places have been as exploited for tourism as Corfu, Kerkyra island.Yet away from the package - tour resorts there is much to savour in this beautiful green Island Corfu.

Starategically poised where the Ionian Sea becomes the Adriatic,almost within hailing distance of the mainland,Corfu has always been coveted,within a trubulent history and a long catalogue of invaders and rulers.A multicultural capital,Corfu town ,known locally as Kerkyra,occupies a slight Peninsula on the east coast.

ImagePaxi island is the smallest of the seven main islands of the Ionian archipelagos,is 90 minutes far from Kerkyra-Corfu by boat.Hilly and Green,it has rugged west-coast cliffs,and various pebble beaches.

Lefkas or Lefkada is barely an island,joined to the mainland by a floating drawbridge over a canal first dredged in ancient times.

Ithaki or Ithaca,Evidence that Ithaki actually was the ancient home of Odysseus,wandering hero of Homer's Odyssey,is far from conclusive,but this hasnot stopped a Homeric heritage industry from revving up localy,with numerousstreets and businesses named for characters in the epic,and the island's modest archaeological sites assiduously signposted as putative locales for various episodes.

Keffalonia is the largest and second most mountainous Ionian island,its population famous for a studied eccentricity.Its recoivering from being typecast from Captains Corelli's island.

Zakynthos,the most fertile in the Ionians and eastern hills support luxuriant vegetation.The southeastern coasts shelter excellent beaches.

Kythira ,Geographically nearer to Crete than to the Ionian group,this is one of Greece's quietest islands.Most visitors are Greeks from Athens or Greek all over the Greece mainland,that are returning home.

Islands of the Saronic Gulf ,Salamina,Spetses,Aegina,Hydra and Poros are some of the most beautiful Greek islands and are within a short ferry ride from Pireas.


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