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Crete claimed by many Greeks to be the most authentic of the islands,is by far the largest.It stretches 256km(159mile)east to west and is between 11 and 56km (7and 35milos) wide.A massive mountainous backbone dominates ,with peaks stretching skywards to over 2400 metres (7.874 ft).In the north the mountainous slope more gently,producing fertile plains,while in the south they plunge precipitously into the sea.Crete is called Megalonissos -the Great island- is what the Cretans call their home.

Great can certainly be applied to the Minoan civilization ,the first in Europe and one with which Crete is inexorably entwined.

With two major airports,Crete cannot be classified as undiscovered,but through its size and scale it manages to contain the crowds and to please visitors with widely divergent tastes.While a car is essential for discovering the best of the island,car hire is,fortunately comparatively inexpensive.

Phaestos Minoan palace

Phaestos was the second most important palace city of Minoan Crete. Of all the Minoan sites, Phaestos (fes-tos) has the most awe-inspiring location, with all-embracing views of the Mesara Plain and Mt Ida. The layout of the palace is identical to Knossos, with rooms arranged around a central court.

In contrast to Knossos, Phaestos has yielded very few frescoes. It seems the palace walls were mostly covered with a layer of white gypsum; there has been no reconstruction. Like the other palatial period complexes, this one had an old palace that was destroyed at the end of the Middle Minoan period. Unlike the other sites, parts of this old palace have been excavated and its ruins are partially super-imposed upon the new palace.

The entrance to the new palace is by the 15m/49ft-wide Grand Staircase. The stairs lead to the west side of the Central Court. The best-preserved parts of the palace complex are the reception rooms and private apartments to the north of the Central Court; excavations continue here.

This section was entered by an imposing portal with half columns at either side, the lower parts of which are still in situ. Unlike the Minoan freestanding columns, these do not taper at the base. The celebrated Phaestos disc was found in a building to the north of the palace. The disc is in Iraklio's Archaeological Museum.

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The Palace of Knossos is 7km far from the city centre ,one of the most attractive remains-ruins of Minoan civilization.The Knossos palace was found from the great English archaeologist Arthur Evans(leter knighted).He worked at the palace over a period of 35years,though by 1903 most of the site had been uncovered.Its location and its remains show the way of life 3500-4500years Before.among the 1300 rooms of the main palace were both the sacred and the commercial:lustral baths for holy ceremonies:store rooms for agricultural produsts:workshops for mettallurgy and stone cutting.Nearby are the Royal Villa and the Little Palace.

The remains of Minoan civilization in Gortys ,40km far from Heraklion,the palace of Phaestos in South Crete are places you have to visit .

The museum of Heraklion ,located in the centre of the city,freedom square is exhibiting the items founded in Knossos and other archaeological places in Crete.

The venetian harbour Castle,built when the Venetians were on the island,is one of the most attractive castles in the Meditteranean .

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